Partnering with your business

We partner with your business by providing you with your very own outsourced finance team




At TINKA, we’re passionate about enabling growing businesses to reach their full potential, helping business owners manage their cashflow by offering practical assistance at a time when it’s needed most. Our consultants are experts in implementing the right reporting and advisory processes, helping businesses expand and increase profitability.

We get to know your business intimately. And when you partner with us, you get the power and unmatched quality of a team of certified practicing accountants, chartered accountants, commercial lawyers and business management specialists.

The TINKA team focus on business improvement and are always looking to improve and enhance your business’s processes. Our well-developed and tailored advice and reporting is always supported by the latest finance software, that’s right for your business. We focus on key business drivers and levers that business owners and managers can use to improve and grow.


Bookkeeping and accounting:

Our well-developed and efficient process means our clients receive an effective, on-time accounts payable, accounts receivable and end of month process, ensuring efficient business operation. Quality bookkeeping and accounting process means accurate reporting and better decision making for your business.

Business reporting:

We prepare tailored, meaningful financial reports that assist business owners and managers in understanding their organisation’s business performance. Our reporting delves into the mechanics of business performance, demonstrating the key levers and areas of risk that enable decision makers to take the appropriate action.

Business advisory:

Our experienced advisors adopt a structured approach that’s driven by the numbers and facts pertinent to your business and industry. Our advisory service provides undeniable value by highlighting blind-spots and recommending business improvements that eventuate in increased growth, operational efficiencies and better management.


“At TINKA we’re 100% focused on providing the best service to our clients.”


Management Consulting

Our experienced advisors work across a range of sectors to diagnose and solve critical problems and implement solutions to build sustainable growth for our clients. Our team advises clients on various critical business projects, from successfully managing organisational change, to targeting new clients sectors through strategic business development and building improved systems and processing to create synergies and efficiencies.


In 2016, co-founders Trent Todd and Ryan Pinkerton saw a gap in the small to medium sized market for better financial management and advice for SMEs. They met with countless digital and technology, professional services and renewable energy service businesses that were too small to afford a full-time accounting team, but fast-growing and large enough to require the skills of highly experienced and qualified accountants and advisors.

It became TINKA’s mission to give small and medium-sized service-based businesses the financial reporting and advisory support they deserved. Since then, TINKA’s dedicated specialist team has carried out this mission with enthusiasm and effectiveness.